Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

West Virginia University

Gabriella Warbler, B.S. 2021

Alexandre Ziegelmeier, B.S. 2020

Florida State University

Chelsea Massaro, B.S. Honors 2016
Thesis: gem-Dimethylcyclopentane-fused pharmacophores

Apiwat ‘Chern’ Wangweerawong, B.S. Honors 2011
Thesis: Scope of a novel [1,2]-anionic rearrangement of 2-benzyloxypyridine derivatives

Cecelia C. O’ Leary, B.S. Honors 2010
Thesis: A novel protocol for the synthesis of aryl Grignard reagents

Sarah E. House, B.S. Honors 2005
Thesis: para-Siletanylbenzyl: a novel hydroxyl protecting group

Andrew Janeczek, B.S. 2016

Christina Dadich, B.S. 2015

Taylor Southworth, B.S. 2013

Colleen Keohane, B.S. 2013

Rojay Gordon, B.S. 2013

Janet Simon, B.S. 2012

Claudia R. Avalos, B.S. 2010

Shawn M. Amisial, B.S. 2007

Jeananne A. Singletary, B.S. 2004

James D. Sunderhaus, B.S. Honors 2003