Our Research

          Our fundamental research goal is to devise, develop, and apply new ideas in organic chemistry to the efficient synthesis of interesting molecules, particularly natural products with medicinal applications. Natural products research impacts the development of many important drugs; relevant examples include aspirin, penicillin, cortisone, and paclitaxel. Complex natural products arise from millions of years of evolutionary screening, and often target specific interactions in intricate biological systems. In these and many other cases, organic synthesis plays a key role in helping us capitalize on desired biological activities. We can continue to benefit from this natural selection process by developing practical syntheses of natural products and analogs.

Choice of Research Projects

Two main criteria guide our choice of research topics in synthetic organic chemistry:

  1. Will our efforts generate new knowledge in synthetic chemistry of interest to ourselves and to the greater chemistry community?
  2. Will our efforts provide better access to synthetic compounds of interest to ourselves and to the greater science community?

For a complete list of publications and other professional activities:

     Download Professor Dudley’s CV in pdf-format or, jump to Publications for a list with hyperlinks to all independent research publications from the Dudley Lab.

Research Opportunities

Graduate Student Applicants

          If you wish to pursue graduate studies in synthetic organic chemistry or in other areas within our department, then please apply directly to the C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry Graduate Program. Graduate students normally begin their studies in the Fall semester. However, stipends are available for incoming students who want to arrive early and begin research over the summer.

Undergraduate Chemistry Majors

          There may be opportunities for motivated students to work on original research problems in synthetic organic chemistry. Students wishing to conduct DIS or Honors research in the Dudley Lab should make contact with current graduate students and/or Prof Dudley to learn if any opportunities are available. Applicants must have a thorough understanding of undergraduate organic chemistry. The undergraduate research experience in the Dudley Lab is best suited to preparing students for graduate studies in chemistry and related research fields. As such, please note that Prof Dudley cannot write strong letters of recommendation to medical schools based solely on research activities in the Dudley lab. When contacting Prof Dudley about potential research experiences, please mention that you have reviewed the website and are prepared to make a serious, multi-semester commitment to advancing your project. Please include a brief statement of career goals, an unofficial transcript, and an updated resume or CV. Fellowships may be available for students interested in conducting research full-time over the summer.

Postdoctoral Applicants

          Anyone interested in conducting postdoctoral research in the Dudley Laboratory is encouraged to apply. Please prepare a hard copy application package that includes a cover letter, a brief statement of career goals (this may be included in the cover letter), a complete curriculum vitae, and a summary of previous research experience, and mail it to Prof. Dudley. Identification of appropriate research support is a major factor in the application process.