Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Harvey F. Fulo, Ph.D. 2021
MS: University of the Philippines Los Banos, Philippines
Dissertation: Enabling Technologies for Medicinal Chemistry and Synthesis: I. Cannabinoids; II. Illudalic Acid; III. Microwave Chemistry.

Nicholas J. Kramer, Ph.D. 2018
BS: Ramapo College of New Jersey, NJ
Dissertation: Reaction discovery using neopentylene-tethered coupling partners: methodology and applications of dienyne cycloisomerizations.

Ron R. Ramsubhag, Ph.D. 2017
MS: University of Connecticut, CT
Dissertation: Applications of alkynogenic fragmentation products derived from vinylogous acyl triflates.

Alec E. Morrison, Ph.D. 2017
BS: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA
Dissertation: Thermal cycloisomerizations of 1,6-enynes for the synthesis of illudinine and other high-value polycyclic aromatic structures.

Paratchata (Tae) Batsomboon, Ph.D. 2016
MS: Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, Thailand
Dissertation: I. Fragmentation reactions generating acyclic and cyclic alkynes II. A second-generation formal synthesis of palmerolide A

Rimantas Slegeris, Ph.D. 2015
MS: Vilnius University, Lithuania
Dissertation: Process improvements in the total chemical synthesis of progesterone, and other synthetic studies

Tung Thanh Hoang, Ph.D. 2015
BS: Vietnam National University, Vietnam
Dissertation: Tandem processes involving an alkynogenic fragmentation and applications in sesquiterpene syntheses

Michael R. Rosana, Ph.D. 2014
BS: The College of New Jersey, NJ
Dissertation: Selective heating of polar solutes in a homogeneous solution: Evidence of microwave-specific effects and a method to quantify these effect

Marilda P. Lisboa, Ph.D. 2013
MS: Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dissertation: Formal synthesis of palmerolide A using fragmentation methodology

Jingyue Yang, Ph.D. 2011
BS: Tianjin University, China
Dissertation: Anionic rearrangement of 2-benzyloxypyridine derivatives and a synthetic approach to aldingenin B

Sami F. Tlais, Ph.D. 2011
BS: Lebanese University, Lebanon
Dissertation: I. para-Siletanylbenzyl (PSB) protecting group II. Stereocontrol of 5,5-spiroketals in the synthesis of cephalosporolides H, E, and F

David M. Jones, Ph.D. 2009
BS: Barry University, FL
Dissertation: Addition / C-C bond cleavage reactions of vinylogous acyl triflates and their application to natural products synthesis

Douglas A. Engel, Ph.D. 2009
BS: Georgia Southern University, GA
Dissertation: Organic synthesis and methodology related to the malaria drug artemisinin

Mariya V. Kozytska, Ph.D. 2008
BS: Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
Dissertation: I. Siletanylmethyllithium, an ambiphilic siletane. II. Synthetic approach to basiliolide B

Susana S. Lopez, M.S. 2009
BS: Barry University, FL
Thesis: Methodology for the olefination of aldehydes and ketones via the Meyer-Schuster reaction

Daniella M. Barker, M.S. 2009
BS: University of the South, TN

Dena R. Hodges, M.S. 2008
BS: College of Charleston, SC

Ernest O. Nwoye, M.S. 2008

Samuel G. Salamone, M.S. 2005
BS: Merrimack College, MA
Thesis: A ring expansion approach to roseophilin