Group Photos

Winter 2019. (back row, from left) Kristen, Bobby, Dr. Dudley, Amir and Alex. (front row, from left) Alexa, Gabbie, Harvey, Dr. Frasso and Dr. Batsomboon.

Spring 2019. (back row, from left) Alexa, Aew, Dr. Frasso and Amir. (front row, from left) Harvey, Alex, Dr. Dudley, Dr. Batsomboon and Bobby.

Summer 2018. (from left) Dr. Batsomboon, Dr. Dudley, Amir, Aew, Alexa, Morgan (REU student), Maria (REU student) and Harvey.

Fall 2017. (from left) Dr. Dudley, Alexa, Harvey and Dr. Batsomboon.